Structural Engineering Services

b74561a1529f5e0bffff82bdffffe906Foundation Evaluation
Services related to building and deck foundations and footings including settlement, cracking, seepage, heaving and other effects of frost and evaluation of soils and foundations as relates to building code requirements.

Building Services
Services for buildings including inspection and analysis of existing structures and framing, design of proposed modifications to structures, footings, beams, columns and roof framing.

Storm damage
Investigation services for storm damage including wind, hail, fallen trees impacting structures or other storm effects.  Investigations include analysis of areas damaged and recommendations and design for repairs to structures.

Fire damage
Inspect structural components following fire including analysis of serviceability of structural elements and recommendations and design for replacement of structural elements damaged by effects of fire.

Building collapse
Services related to partial or full building collapse related to weight of ice and snow, faulty design and/or construction or other causation.  Recommended design and reconstruction of areas of collapse.

Retaining walls
Inspection and design services for existing and new retaining walls including modular block and boulder retaining walls.  Cause of failure of retaining walls is provided in addition to redesign of replacement or new retaining walls.