Forensic Engineering Services

cc47dc86eedab635ffff838dffffe904Forensic Building Envelope Investigation/Construction Defect Evaluation
Investigations of building envelopes in residential and commercial construction.  Investigations include inspection, testing and analysis of windows, siding, roofing, flashings, building wrap, interior finishes, framing, vapor barriers and insulation.  Testing services include window spray testing, moisture probe testing, infrared analysis, air leakage testing and blower door testing.

cc47dc86eedab635ffff838fffffe904Plan and specification review
Plan and specification review for proposed and existing projects including building code and standards review.

Fire investigation 
Inspect site following fire to determine extent of damage related to fire, smoke and soot with engineered repairs to structures, and truss and floor systems.

cc47dc86eedab635ffff838effffe904Personal injury/Premises liability

Investigate site conditions related to personal injury including slip/fall incidents and other injury including building code and standards review.

Building Codes and Standards
Provides services related to compliance with current and past building codes and construction standards for design and construction of residential and commercial structures.  Air infiltration – Blower testing.

Sound Attenuation Evaluation
Investigative and evaluation services related to loud noises inside units and residences from adjacent units or plumbing.  Floor/ceiling and wall assembly analysis is performed for STC and IIC design and performance criteria.  Drawings are analyzed for proposed versus actual construction details and code requirements for sound attenuation.  Plumbing and electrical construction is evaluated for loud noises and construction details.