Civil Engineering Services

997221918f06d026ffff89b1ffffe907Site grading and landscaping
Investigate exterior site conditions related to grading, landscaping and control of surface water.  Inspection of conditions of ponding at the exterior, leakage of water at the interior and review of plans and specifications for drainage, waterproofing and site grading.  Design services for regrading, waterproofing and drainage for  control of water on a site.
b74561a1529f5e0bffff82bfffffe906Exterior Surfaces
Evaluates exterior elements including driveways, sidewalks, pavers, patios and other exterior finishes related to finish conditions, settlement and cracking.  Plans and specifications are reviewed for proper design and construction with recommendations for repair and modifications.

b74561a1529f5e0bffff82c0ffffe906Storm Sewer Evaluation

Storm sewer design and construction on residential and commercial sites including elevation of pipes, pipe sizing and distribution, design of new storm water systems or redesign of existing systems for proper function.